Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Cup of Security

This Life Can Be Scary
If you're like me, life is often scary. Having seen a spouse and a Mom die in my arms and in my presence doesn't do anything but make me a bit fearful of times.

I know, you are probably thinking, come on Chuck - for goodness sakes, you're a preacher, teacher, Jesus kind of guy! You can't say that! Well, it's true. Why shouldn't I be a bit herky-jerky and afraid? We were not created to live this twisted, abnormal way of life. We weren't built to die. Way to go Adam and Eve. You blew it for all of us. LOSERS!

Now that I think about it, I don't feel so bad about my little fear-filled thoughts. It's only human, right? So, is it also human to live and stay in fear? No, Nada, Uh-Uh, No Way Jose.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can give me security in both life and death. For the Gospel to do that, I have to believe it and value it. I'm finding it easier to trust and believe that God guards and protects me on His foundation of love supported by immovable pillars.

Those pillars can strengthen me more and more as I recognize them in my everyday walk with Him.

The first pillar is Jesus' perfect life, which means in Him I have hope for holiness (which God requires)
The second pillar is Jesus' death which takes care of the punishment I deserve for all my junk. (another God requirement)

Both Jesus' life and death have been given to me (and you) freely, which really means that I am in Jesus in LIFE (Galatians 2:20) and in Him in DEATH (Romans 6:4-5). That's cool, but here's the sizzling butter on top of the perfectly cooked Ruth's Chris filet - "We will also be in the likeness of His resurrection" (Romans 6:5)

So, along with your cup of coffee tomorrow morning, have a cup of safety with a dash of security on His immoveable pillars of LOVE. Then you can get a second cup of gratitude to get your day started off just right.


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